Hospitality Magazine Online – Mexican Food Truck Shifts Gears… 04/02/14

Hospitality Magazine Online – Mexican Food Truck Shifts Gears… 04/02/14

What is in a name?

Hospitality Magazine’s online article offers insight into the Cantina name change.



After one and a half years, Cantina Mobil will close its Darlinghurst headquarters and shift its gears with the launch of its second food truck under its new name.

On March 2nd, the former Cantina Mobil will take to the city streets as the newly rebranded Cantina Movil, offering Sydneysiders more Mexican street food fare as well as appearing at events around the city.

Cantina Mobil was the first food truck to hit the streets as part of the Sydney Food Truck Trial in 2012. An attempt to trademark Cantina Mobil drew the attention of Exxon Mobil, whose objections led the food truckers to swap Mobil for Movil.

The truck used the Darlinghurst site, which was located on the corners of Oxford and Crown, to slow cook their meats and the food that they would supply to their first truck. Over time, the Darlinghurst spot came to offer in-house dining as well as take-away food.

Though the headquarters will be closing, the Cantina’s Bar & Garage, which opened in August 2013, will serve as a permanent location at 99 Glebe Point Road.

The bar and garage has a liquor license, which therefore enables Cantina Mobil’s second food truck to operate with a caterers liquor license. Alcoholic beverages including margaritas, tequila and Mexican beers will be available on the menu when catering private and corporate events as well as for certain public events.

Sydney’s Food Truck Trial, originally launched in May 2012, was extended last year until this coming March.

Article by: Alexandra E. Petri