Surfing the menu at Manly

Surfing the menu at Manly

Open House Magazine picks their favourite Manly-side eateries.

Gourmet food trucks, Beach Club at Manly and limited edition ‘Full Frothed Out’ Doughnut Time on the menu at Manly

Photo: Cantina Movil serving punters at the 2017 Australian Open of Surfing

Cantina Movil will offer up burritos with Mexican slaw, pinto beans, Monterrey Jack Cheese, chipotle mayo and fresh coriander, as well as gluten-free nachos cantina-style and soft-shell tacos. The food truck will also be serving ice cream in two flavours – chilli chocolate and churros and vanilla bean.

Doughnut Time is selling a limited edition ‘Full Frothed Out’ Australian Open of Surfing doughnut which features a honeycomb glaze with crushed biscuits, blue cream glaze, gummi bears, sour strap towel and a chocolate surfboard.

Manly dining venues Daniel San, Nonna’s Piadas, 2 Smoking Barrels, Fritz Wieners and Richie’s Café & Juice Box will also be serving up signature dishes over the festival.