SunPork Fresh Foods – 6 of the best Food Trucks around Australia

SunPork Fresh Foods – 6 of the best Food Trucks around Australia

The Amigos at SunPork pick their Top 6 Food Trucks.

Cantina Movil makes the cut – Arriba!

1. The Bun Mobile – Brisbane, Queensland

One of the most well-known food trucks on Brisbane streets comes in the form of the Bun Mobile. All put together on Vietnamese-style steam buns, the Bun Mobile sells three burgers: beef, chicken, and pork – all of which are $10. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options for those with specific dietary needs. It’s won a few awards and has been deemed the best food truck in Brisbane in the past.


2. Cantina Movil – Sydney, NSW


The Cantina Movil is a joint force of a mobile food truck and a non-mobile location in Sydney. As you might have already deduced from its name, Cantina Movil specialises in Mexican food and keeps things simple with three key items: burritos, nachos and tacos. You then choose your filling, chicken, beef, pork, or beans. And if you want any sides, you can get some chips and dip or ice cream. At the non-mobile location, you can also enjoy your Mexican dish with a side of Mexican beer. Not bad at all.


3. Gumbo Kitchen – Melbourne, Victoria


The purpose of Melbourne-based food truck Gumbo Kitchen was simple: to create meals with an authentic New Orleans flair. Whether you love gumbo (a type of stew/soup), po’ boys (a southern-style submarine sandwich) or any of the other delicious dishes on offer at Gumbo Kitchen (which is quite a sizeable menu in itself), one thing is certain – you’re in for an authentic┬áN’Orleans treat. Oh, and yes, there is a pulled pork po’ boy.

4. Papa’s Gourmet Hotdogs – Adelaide, South Australia


Hotdogs are rarely thought of as a complete meal, but the emrgence of numerous gourmet hotdogs joints have helped in changing this perception. Adelaide’s very own Papa’s Gourmet Hotdogs is no exception.
Suffice to say, there are plenty of flavours to choose from, including the likes of beef, pork, chicken and, of course, a variety of German sausages. We strongly suggest checking them out on social media to see examples of their delicious gourmet offerings.


5. Taco Taco – Hobart, Tasmania


All the way south, Hobart’s locals have the Taco Taco food truck. And as far as we’re concerned, you can never have too much Mexican. The classic ingredients to a delicious taco are here, including meat mainstays beef, chicken and pork – and, of course, beans for vegetarians. But as you no doubt know, how flavours are balanced is what makes or breaks Mexican food. With these folk, though, the balance is perfect – and the handmade tortillas and fresh local Tasmanian produce plays a key role in this.


6. Braised Bros. (formerly Butty’s) – Perth, Western Australia


Last but not least, there’s Braised Bros. Back in the day, the Bros were Butty’s and were famed for making some of the best burgers in Perth – served in foil with cheese melting off the deliciously grilled beef. While the name has changed, Braised Bros. still serve up some damn fine burgers (with pulled pork being a big drawcard), as well as a host of other delicious meals that include vegetarian options. There’s something for everyone.