What’s in a Name?

Cantina Mobil was happily Truckin’ along…peddling our Mexican fare since December 2011.

Beneath our flashing arrow lightbox, a name was built that had become synonymous with Sydney street food…

Alas, a corporate giant stomped on our sombrero and challenged us to a duel!
Unwilling to play a game of legal to & fro, Cantina chose to proudly replace a ‘b’ with a ‘v’ and adopt an autentico translation for the service that we provide – loosely; a movable snack bar…Cantina Movil.

You heard it FIRST

Sit front row & listen as Cantina Movil’s Director, Stephanie Raco, takes you on a Truckin journey. The history, the highs & lows of street feasting & some advice if you’re a wannabe Trucker.

Presented during a City of Sydney 101 Seminar (Sept 2015) – you’ll hear it all!!!


Viva Food Trucks!