OverSixty.com.au – The Best Food Trucks to eat at in Australia

OverSixty.com.au – The Best Food Trucks to eat at in Australia

A glimpse of Cantina and the best Food Trucks from across Australia.


Amigo 2 - During Service

It would seem that eating inside a bricks-and-mortar restaurant is not the favoured place to eat these days. Step in the food truck revolution. Expect your dinner to be rolling onto a street near you!

From food trends such as small plates, share plates, farm-to-plate right through to dude food, organic, pop-up, seasonal and organic, there is not a style of food that has been left unserved. Over the last year or so food trucks have been turning around corners everywhere across the country. So popular nowadays that there is even one spot in Melbourne which sees up to about 36 trucks parked there on any given day. If you’re in that area, head to Yarraville Park in Maribyrnong as it’s one of the best places in the city for a food truck feed, they can be found lined up along Somerville Road.

When we refer to food trucks, don’t go thinking of your typical kebab van, hotdog stand or Mr Whippy truck. Quite the opposite, actually. While many of these food trucks may serve fast food items such as burgers, pizzas or even hotdogs, burgers are made with prime wagyu beef, pizzas topped with prosciutto and figs and hot dogs finished with hour-long cooked caramelised onions. This trend as a gourmet edge.

A popular food movement in London, San Francisco and New York (to name a few places), they’re offering a new and often affordable way to enjoy your fare. Think organic, gourmet, local, vegan and biodegradable packaging. Here’s a list of the best food trucks across Australia:

Eat Art Truck (@eatarttruck) – from former Tetsuya’s chef, Stuart McGill, and former Quay chef, Brenton Balicki

Jafe Jaffles (@jafejaffles)

Veggie Patch (@veggiepatchvan)

Cantina Movil (@cantina_movil)

Al Carbon (@alcarbontacos)

Tsuru Food Truck (@tsurufoodtruck)

Fire Truck BBQ (@firetruckbbq)

Fresh Pops (@freshpops)

Agape Organic Food Truck (@agapefoodtruck)