Gourmet Meals on Wheels – lastminute.com.au

Gourmet Meals on Wheels – lastminute.com.au

lastminute.com.au’s Karen Lawson gets the inside scoop on the new food trucks roaming around the Sydney CBD streets.

Check out what she had to say about Cantina…

Heard the buzz on the street about the food truck phenomenon hitting Sydney? Travel, food and wine journalist (what a combo!), Karen Lawson, discovers the ultimate fast food revolution and gives us her top menu picks.

If the idea of chasing your potential meal down the road as it speeds off into the distance sounds like the latest fitness trend, fear not.

Forget childhood food truck memories of Chiko rolls which could kill a seagull at four paces and embrace a gourmet revolution which (thankfully) isn’t a new reality cooking show…

Buckle up, the Food Truck Revolution is coming to Australia!

In a land far, far away… (The History)
It’s taken four years for the trend to cross the Atlantic from the US, via Europe. The first gourmet trendsetter vans were New York’s Rickshaw Dumplings bar and LA’s Kogi BBQ which sent people into a foodie lovin’ frenzy. Then Zagat (the international equivalent of popular restaurant review site Eatability) got in on the act creating a ‘Food Truck’ category and its popularity was sealed.

Moveable feasting is so hot right now you can roast your buns on it.

Sydney gets in on the act
In a cook off last year, the City of Sydney awarded 10 mobile licenses. Leading chefs voted on the best dishes, enticing a range of famous names to emerge from behind the restaurant pans and a 12 month trial of the concept is now underway.

Already live in Melbourne, Sydney can now brag it’s added a sprinkling of epicurean sparkle to its late night eating scene (because let’s be frank, there really wasn’t one past 10pm).

Getting the lowdown on location
If you are looking for your very own Megan Ryan orgasmic, al fresco experience which will rock your taste buds off; rev up your GPS, sign up to Facebook and Twitter truck accounts and commence the game of ‘track the truck’ to get your daily fix.



Ariba Amigos!
Restaurateur couple, Steph and Rode, have hit the road with Cantina Mobil, serving authentic Mexican burritos and tacos. Many ingredients have been individually sourced from Mexico creating a fiesta of wild but balanced flavours. The fillings of spicy chicken and beef enjoying over ten hours of prep love. Don’t forget the hand cut spiced corn and follow up with a chili chocolate ice cream.